The company

Thenaisie Provote (THP) is a tinning company specialising in producing all kinds of tinned fish and shellfish products. The company's main brand, Grandes Hoteles, includes a wide variety of high quality products.

A little bit of history

The 100 year history of Thenaisie Provote began in 1904 when Frenchman Henry Chancerelle from Nantes decided to set up his tinning factory in O Grove (Galicia), and is still in production today. Some years later, the French families Thenaisie and Provote became shareholders and also took part in running the tinning company.

In 1967 Thenaisie Provote, S.L. was born, a company founded with almost solely Spanish capital which today is now a completely Galician company.

It is based on 2 fundamental strategies: to be client driven and to aim for innovation. The Thenaisie Provote group has experienced steady growth and has established itself throughout the years by providing completely production facilities both for its own brands and as a distributor for the most important distributors in the world. Join us: We want to continue growing.