Tinned products without preservatives

Tinned products without preservatives


Our tinning technique ensures the safe preservation of fish and shellfish without the need to add preservatives or other additives. The only other ingredients used in the preparation come from traditional recipes to give familiar flavours and textures.

How do we avoid using preservatives?


After they have been sealed, our tins go through a heat sterilisation process in an autoclave. The heat destroys bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms and creates a vacuum for a hermetic seal which prevents contamination. The whole process, including the filling and sealing of the tins is done automatically in our production centres. No chemicals or preservatives of any kind are used or added during the process.

Once the tins have been sterilised and as long as they remain sealed, the fish and shellfish inside will be preserved for a long time. By law, our tinned fish products do not have an expiry date but a best before date.

The expiry date implies that once the date on the product has passed it could damage our health. However, the best before date only means that, once opened, the product could have lost some of its properties or may not be completely satisfactory; this means that the product could be consumed although it should not be sold once the best before date has passed.